"In 2013, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors suspended the City’s condominium conversion lottery scheme until 2024, and replaced it with an entirely new “Expedited Conversion Program.”

No effect on 2-Unit “Bypass” Conversions. The Expedited Conversion Program did not make any changes in rules which allow 2-unit properties to convert 12 months after each unit has been occupied by separate owners.

Lifetime Leases must be offered to All Tenants. Every tenant in occupancy during a condo conversion must be offered a lifetime, rent-controlled lease, for his/her unit; previously, this was required only for elderly or disabled tenants.

On June 26, 2017, the City suspended accepting new applications under its Expedited Conversion Program, following the filing of a lawsuit protesting the City’s Lifetime Lease requirements. Processing of pending conversion applications was also frozen for a handful of recent applicants. However, properties without tenants remain unaffected. TIC Buildings still eligible to convert.

TIC buildings which had a signed TIC agreement in place as of 5/1/13, and which meet new six-year owner-occupancy requirements, will, over time, be eligible to convert to condominiums; a $22,500 per Unit fee applies. But buildings without a signed TIC agreement in place as of 5/1/13 may never qualify for condo conversion, unless the City lottery resumes in 2024 or beyond.

Conversion Applications must now be filed electronically. Conversion application materials formerly submitted to the City on paper must now be delivered on a CD or USB flash drive; documents with notarized signatures must still be filed as original hard copies."