This is a great article for home buyers, especially those who are relocating to the city. As you might know, SF has over 80 different neighborhoods all in this 7X7 miles stretch of land. All these neighborhoods have different personalities, different characteristics that define it. Just think of the difference between Inner Mission compared to Mission Dolores, on the surface you might not think much because heck, they both have the word "Mission" in the name right and they are close to each other. Wrong. Every area in the city is special, unique with it's own characteristics, weather partners, transportation options, shopping and different price points. Get familiar with the different areas and find the ones that you really like first, those special neighborhood features that help define you in that community. See what can you afford within those communities and if that is within your budget and liking. Then comes to commute, what is your daily life like living there. It is my goal when I help new people into the city, that they understand all of these, thus narrowing down what they like and more importantly what they don't like. Then your target is directly ahead and then we make the magic happen. Happy house hunting.